10 Best Beaches in Indonesia

  • Publish On 10/02/2020
10 Best Beaches in Indonesia

As an archipelago, Indonesia is blessed with millions of very charming seas and beaches. We as Indonesians, should be able to explore the beauty of the maritime in the country, before going abroad. Of the many beautiful islands, 10 of them can be your first priority priority.

Where are you? See below!

1. Nusa Dua Beach - Bali

Nusa Dua Beach is favored by domestic tourists to visit while on holiday in Bali. Because the Nusa Dua beach is one of the cleanest beaches on the island of Bali. The cleanliness of the beaches in Nusa Dua that is always maintained makes me put Nusa Dua Bali beach at number one on the list of 10 most beautiful beaches in Bali.

The cause of the Nusa Dua beach is very clean, because along the Nusa Dua beach there are five-star hotels and there are always janitors who clean the beach.

In Nusa Dua Beach there are 2 beaches, namely Geger beach and Mengiat Nusa Dua beach, both of these beaches are more suitable for swimming and safe for children to play. Because the waves are small, it is suitable for beach tourism with family.

Besides the beach, in Nusa Dua Bali there are also tourist attractions that are preferred by young people, called Waterblow Bali.]

2. Selong Belanak Beach - West Nusa Tenggara

Selong Belanak Beach is a beach that is most admired by foreign tourists, in the European holiday season such as June, July and August, this beach is very crowded with tourists from abroad, even if you come in those months, you will feel strange because of a little once the number of local tourists who visit this beach, not because of difficult road access or facilities but limited information and promotions that make this beach not too famous compared to other beaches in Lombok.

But actually this beach holds extraordinary beauty and of course many activities that can be done so that attract foreign tourists to visit.

3. Raja Ampat

The beauty of Raja Ampat in Papua is in fact increasingly shining in the realm of world tourism. The beach and the beautiful sea also admired the world. The latest news reported by the CNN report, Raja Ampat is considered to be one of the regions that has the most beautiful coastlines in the world which is very rare.

The coastline is one of the beautiful, interesting and mysterious geographic features. The meeting between water and land creates a variety of beautiful shapes and colors. The beauty of the coastline is seen along Raja Ampat.

4. Karimun Jawa - Central Java

The island, which was made a National Park in March 2001, is home to coral reefs, mangrove forests, coastal forests and hundreds of species of marine fauna, of which more than 200 species are ornamental fish. The islands are also home to several rare animals such as the White Dada Sea Eagle, hawksbill and green turtle, thus providing an amazing experience that you have never encountered.

5. Balangan Beach - Bali

Balangan Beach which is often touted as a hidden beach in southern Bali, the name Balangan Beach is indeed according to its name. To go to this beach is not like going to Kuta beach, which is always filled with passing vehicles and crowded tourists. The path to Balangan beach is relatively quiet and quiet vehicles.

Quiet impression can be seen from the narrow road, rarely meeting other vehicles. But if you pass each other, need to be careful because of the narrow road. Along the way to Balangan, visitors will pass through houses or villas that began to mushroom along the road.

6. Tanjung Tinggi Beach - Bangka Belitung

Belitung Island has a variety of beaches that are so beautiful and charming. One of them is Tanjung Tinggi beach. His amazing charm began to be known to the world since it was made as the filming location of the film "Laskar Pelangi".

7. Pink Beach NTT

This beach is in accordance with its name "Pink Beach" which is a pink beach. Pink Beach is a unique beach that has beautiful pink sand. The "Pink Beach" beach is located within the Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara. Pink Beach is one of 7 pink sand beaches in the world. The only pink beaches available are Pink Beach on Harbor Island, Bahamas; Bermuda; Santa Cruz Island, Philippines; Sardinia, Italy; Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Island; and in Balos Lagoon, Crete, Greece. How rich and beautiful the nature of Indonesia is; one of the seven pink sand beaches can be found in this country.

8. Weh Island - Aceh

Iboih Beach on Weh Island is a beach that is often visited by those who want to do diving. You can enjoy the underwater beauty of Pulau Weh, including walking along nature trails that separate Sabang island from the large island of Sumatra. Because of the strong sea waves, Pulau Weh is also a destination for surfers.

9. Derawan Beach

Located in the eastern part of Kalimantan, this island has a variety of rare flora and fauna of the sea in the world. You can swim with non-toxic jellyfish and the largest green turtle in the world there. When will you?

10. Aan Beach - Lombok

For traveler lovers, especially those who have repeatedly visited Lombok, are certainly familiar with the name of this Tanjung Aan beach. This beach which is famous for its natural beauty always captivates the tourists who come to visit here. They are fascinated and amazed by the exoticism of this beach.

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